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Author’s background:


Alexander Bogdanov, 71


Scope: Cogen plant power audit, audit of large industrial heat and energy generating systems, analysis of city heat and energy systems’ operation.

Experience: 47 years in Power-generating Industry including the following positions:

Karaganda City cogeneration plant #3, Omsk City cogeneration plant #5, 1973÷1988

·        Electrical Department shift foreman, electricity generating station shift foreman 

Omsk cogeneration plant #6, 1988÷2002

·        Production and Technical Department Head Deputy, Station Adjustment Department Head Deputy

·        Production and Technical Department Head


OJSC “Omskenergo” – “Omsk City Electricity-generating Company”, 2002÷2007

·        Perspective Development Department Head, Perspective Development Department Head Deputy


Joint-Stock Company "SibKOTES", Novosibirsk, 2008÷2009

·        The main technologist of designing of thermal power station


Open Society «MRSK Siberia», Krasnoyarsk, August 2009. ÷ August 2011

·        The chief of sector of power  and resources savings

·        The chief specialist of department of power savings and increase of power efficiency


Joint-Stock Company "E4 SibKOTES", Novosibirsk, September 2011 - December 2011

·        The main technologist, the chief of sector of audit of thermal power stations and power stations


Education: Higher education diploma

·        1973 – Pavlodar City Industrial Institute – electrical engineer, area of specialization: “Electricity-generating Stations”

·        1974÷1979- On-the-job correspondent course with Tomsk City Polytechnic Institute – heat power engineer, area of specialization: “Thermal Electric Stations”

·        1988- Qualification raising course with Urals Polytechnic Institute – Industrial Production Organizer

·      2004-2005 Qualification raising course with LINK International Management Institute, area of specialization: “Manager”.


·        over 140 publications in the following journals; the publications are also available at site

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Сильнейшие книги, статьи, видео..